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O Saw Palmetto ou Serenoa reppens é uma pequena palmeira que cresce irregularmente no Texas até a Carolina do Sul, nos Estados Unidos, possui hastes espinhosas e serreadas que pendem da base de cada folha. Nomes populares da espécie são: serenoa (espanhol), sabal (francês), saw palmetto (inglês), sägepalme (alemão).

INDICAÇÃO: O Saw Palmetto é indicado para queda de cabelos, tumor benigno da próstata, desordem dos sistemas genital e urinário, impotência sexual, aumentar a libido, hiperplasia da próstata. Alivia a micção noturna frequente, aumenta o jato urinário, alivia a inflamação da próstata e trata as infecções do trato urinário.

COMO FAZER: Coloque 1 colher de chá do (pó Saw Palmeto ) em um copo d´água e dissolva o produto.



Saw Palmetto (sabal): planta medicinal utilizada principalmente contra a hiperplasia benigna da próstata, pode ser encontrada em comprimidos ou gotas.

Nome em português: Saw Palmetto, sabal
Nome latim: Serenoa repens
Nome inglês: Saw palmetto
Nome francês: Palmier nain, sabal, palmier de Floride, palmier d'Amérique du Nord
Nome alemão: Sägepalme
Nome italiano: -


Esteróide, flavonóides, polissacarídeos.


Preparações à base de saw palmetto.

Preparações à base de saw palmetto

- Cápsulas à base de saw palmetto

- Tinturas (em gotas) de saw palmetto

- Infusão de saw palmetto

Onde cresce o saw palmetto?
O saw palmetto cresce principalmente nos Estados Unidos, mais especificamente nos Estados do Sul da Costa Leste (Carolina, Flórida).
Quando colher as bagas do saw palmetto?
O saw palmetto é colhido no final do verão.


Saw palmetto extract.

Saw palmetto extract
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Saw palmetto extract is an extract of the fruit of Serenoa repens. It is rich in fatty acids and phytosterols. It has been used in traditional, eclectic, and alternative medicine to treat a variety of conditions, most notably benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Review of clinical trials, including those conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, found the extract to be no more effective than placebo for BPH
Saw palmetto is used in several forms of traditional herbal medicine. American Indians used the fruit for food and to treat a variety of urinary and reproductive system problems. The Mayans drank it as a tonic, and the Seminoles used the berries as an expectorant and antiseptic.[2]
Crude saw palmetto extract was used by European/American medical practitioners for at least 200 years for various conditions, including asthenia (weakness), recovery from major illness, and urogenital problems. The eclectic medicine practitioner H. W. Felter wrote of it, "Saw palmetto is a nerve sedative, expectorant, and a nutritive tonic, acting kindly upon the digestive tract...Its most direct action appears to be upon the reproductive organs when undergoing waste of tissue..."[3]
King's American Dispensatory (1898) says of the extract:
It is also an expectorant, and controls irritation of mucous tissues. It has proved useful in irritative cough, chronic bronchial coughs, whooping-cough, laryngitis, acute and chronic, acute catarrh, asthma, tubercular laryngitis, and in the cough of phthisis pulmonalis. Upon the digestive organs it acts kindly, improving the appetite, digestion, and assimilation. However, its most pronounced effects appear to be those exerted upon the urino-genital tracts of both male and female, and upon all the organs concerned in reproduction. It is said to enlarge wasted organs, as the breasts, ovaries, and testicles, while the paradoxical claim is also made that it reduces hypertrophy of the prostate. Possibly this may be explained by claiming that it tends toward the production of a normal condition, reducing parts when unhealthily enlarged, and increasing them when atrophied.[4]
Saw palmetto extract is the most popular herbal treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia,[5] a common condition in older men. Early research indicated that the extract is well-tolerated and suggested "mild to moderate improvement in urinary symptoms and flow measures."[5][6] Later trials of higher methodological quality indicated no difference from placebo.[7][8] Questions of adequate blinding and delivery of any active ingredients remain.[9]


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